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Smart, Playful, Loyal...We have had Cockers for about 15 years. Breeding and enjoying them. It all started with an older girl, and her parti-colored daughter, Sassy.

Here are some pics of the dogs we have now, and some from the past.

"HUXLEY", our new male, as a pup.

Huxley's such a cutie!

"HUXLEY", loves to run and play, bounce and chase birds!.

HUXLEY at 4 months.

HUXLEY at 7 weeks old.

"SASHA" our breeding female dog.

Sasha's parents are Higgins and Ginger. Both were our favorite pets.

HUXLEY & SASHA, on the move!

"Ginger" mother of Sasha.

"SASHA" daughter of Higgins x Ginger

HIGGINS. Our last male...

HIGGINS, is now the "grandpa" dog. He's Sasha'a dad. Higgins was super nice to be around. He was friendly, and smart, and everybody loved him. He was "buff", in color and in build!